Monday, August 29, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!

Did you know I majored in Journalism? That probably doesn't mean much, does it? A lot of people choose careers outside of their educational backgrounds. So sharing my college major probably doesn't tell you much about me, does it?

Here's what you can assume...
This chick likes to write.

That's a pretty safe assumption, and if you guessed it, you'd be right on the money! Some people dream in color, some people talk with their hands. I think in short novels. The English language and I have a long-lived fascination with each other. We've got a sort of arrangement between the two of us-- as long as I promise to keep blurting out the thoughts that roam in my head, the language I need to express them will always be there!

It's true. I've got plenty of thoughts on every subject under the sun and plenty of words in my vocabulary to share those thoughts. Just ask my husband.
So, how does it happen that a girl who loves to write and loves God, takes nearly 30 years to conclude that it's possible to merge the two? 
I've heard about a man who merged his love of basketball and God to make Hoops of Hope. And here's the result of merging a love for beauty treatments and God. And here's the workings of an interest in adoption and a desire to love God's people.

I'm not trying to make excuses, but writing for God doesn't seem so easy. I mean, I can love putting pen to paper all I want, but if what I write isn't any good, and there's no one to read it, what does it matter? Well, to God, the one whom I'm trying to please, it matters a lot.

So, this is me, saying... I'm just gonna keep filling journals and blogs with my thoughts until God's plan is revealed. If nothing ever comes of me giving in to God and allowing Him room to move in this area, then I'll be ok with that. Because, in the meantime, being obedient and available to my Lord and King is pretty fantastically rewarding in itself!

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