Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Husband Who Loves My Heart

Terry has been the best part of my life since January 2001. I've never doubted God's involvement in our relationship. His hand is evident throughout our time together. We weren't always faithful to God when it came to having a marriage or relationship that glorified Him. But we have always strived to, at least, show Him gratitude for our love story, even when we haven't always shown Him perfect obedience.

Our song is, "Feels Like Home." Because from very early on in our relationship there was a comfort that suited us both. We felt like we'd found our home and it's always been a peaceful place. One of the first things I tell people about why I love my husband so much is that he loves my heart. From the first day of our relationship, I wasn't self conscious being around him without makeup. In fact, his love and attention led me to adopt a t-shirt and jeans wardrobe throughout college. He never cared how I looked.  He just cared about me.

And now, having gone through a disfiguring disease like breast cancer and operation after operation, I can see how those early days might have been God laying the groundwork for things to come. If I didn't have complete faith that my husband wasn't judgmental about my appearance, I wouldn't have been able to be as unaffected after my mastectomies or when I was bald. Oh, how my world might have crumbled even more if I'd felt negativity from Terry during that time. And even now, as I sit all wrapped up and bandaged from yet another reconstructive operation, I don't doubt that he won't be there to change the gauze or wash my hair when I can't lift my arms.

This husband of mine, he's authentic. Genuine. Doesn't know how to fake it.

It is my greatest hope for my sons, after accepting salvation through Christ, that they'll someday be this kind of husband to two very lucky women.

And it's my prayer for this next generation of women, my nieces and the daughter's of my friends, that they live in a world where fashion and fitness are only hobbies and not seen as requirements for success or love. It's my prayer that Christians can bypass the beauty standards of the world and leave the vanity behind.  
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  1. Beautiful post. We all need a reminder of that 1 Peter 3 type of beauty! I'm so thankful for yours and Terry's relationship!

  2. Yep, you did good when you married that Domino boy. This Lanier is very thankful that he's one of us.